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Speaking Requirements

Arrangements for Presentation by David Maister

  1. Please make a paper copy of the handouts for each participant, to be distributed at the beginning of the session or in their registration packets. (They may also be distributed in advance of the meeting, if you wish, but it is essential that everyone has a copy in front of them on the day, in case they cannot see the screen.)
  2. PLUS, please make one copy of the handouts on to plastic sheets, for use with an (old-fashioned light-bulb-style) overhead projector. (I do not like the modern electronic document readers that project a video image.)
  3. If we are using voting machines, it would help a great deal to have two screens: one to project the voting results, and one to use with the overhead projector. Switching back and forth on one screen is a nuisance.
  4. I will also need a box of blank plastic sheets for use with the overhead projector, plus some pens (vis-á-vis wet-erase brand or equivalent) to write on the plastic sheets with.
  5. I prefer to be at the same level as the audience (no stage, no podium) so that I can both write on the overhead and run into the audience.
  6. I would like a small table beside the overhead to spread my papers on, together with a bottle (or jug) of water.
  1. I will need a wireless, remote lapel microphone if the audience is above 50 people.

    I do not allow taping of my presentations.