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Sample Seminar

I conduct a wide variety of seminars. Here is one illustration.

Practice Management Workshop

The goal of the Workshop is to give each participant the opportunity to reflect on their role as a leader in a professional service environment, and to consider how they can have maximum beneficial impact on the practice or firm. In addition, there is a particular focus on what the individual practice leader can do to influence the success of the/their practice.

The seminar will be conducted entirely by discussion rather than a series of formal presentations.

The program will be broad in scope, in order to address the variety of issues faced by the different participants. A major theme is the need to achieve a balance in managing the practice between achieving good (short-term) income statement results and building a strong practice with a good balance sheet (e.g. building a strong inventory of skills and in-depth client relationships)

The agenda will include the following topics:

  1. The Practice Leader’s Role.
  2. Creating a Strategy for the Practice.
  3. Profitability Improvement.
  4. Managing the Business Development Effort.
  5. Client Service Planning.
  6. Organization of the Practice.
  7. Specialization of Industry or Function.
  8. Human Resources.
  9. Dealing with other Partners.
  1. Getting and Using Information.

    Practice Leader Workshop – Outline


    • The Practice Leader’s Time
    • Getting and Using Information
    • Management Styles